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s for your favorit >> your realtime captioner: linda marie macdonald. say it isn't so. hostess is history. the maker of twinkies and dingdongs going out of business what it means for your favorite baked snacks. >> and right now, petraeus in the hot seat on capitol hill. what he is expected to tell lawmakers about the libya attack. >> hold on, we're about to get dumped on. right now heavy rainfall about to move onshore. we'll have details coming up. >> and you may want to consider bart or the san mateo bridge this morning if you work in san francisco and typically use the bay bridge. we have major delays after a five-car crash. more details coming up. all right, liz.
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thanks. good morning, everyone. it is friday, you made it, folks, november 16. i'm frank mallicoat. >> i'm michelle griego. time now 6:01. get ready for a wet weekend. >> the rain is moving in. it's already here and i think it's going to be around for a while. let's check in with lawrence and find out how much, how long and when it's all going away. >> reporter: yeah, guys. the storm door opened up. i think it couldn't be worse as far as the timing is concerned for all the computers today on the way to work today we have a heavy band of rainfall about to make its way onshore. you can see that on our high- def doppler radar right now. look at that! the yellows and oranges just off the coastline. we are going to get pounded this morning right when everybody is coming to work and you know what? right when they are going home tonight. i think a heavier band moves onshore maybe even embedded thunderstorms. right now we have some showers continuing along the peninsula. and that will be the case throughout the day. it is going to be picking up outside. so be prepared as we have a couple of bands that are going to move onshore one this morning and then one near the core of that low. that will be a little more unstable so it could spark a
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couple of thunderstorms outside. temperatures under mostly cloudy skies and the showers now mainly in the 40s and the 50s. this afternoon, we are expecting highs only in the upper 50s to the mid-60s around the bay area and a colder storm expected for the weekend. we'll have more on that coming up, elizabeth. >> okay, thanks, lawrence. those slick roads are just causing a mess already for the start of our morning commute including the bay bridge, one of the hubs of traffic in the commute direction heading towards san francisco. so this is a live look. the metering lights are already on behind the pay gates. let's go to the maps to show you where the problem is, right before the "s" curve approaching treasure island. so it's right there. you can see -- well, we just lost our caltrans cam but big delays from the incline up past treasure island. so again it's a five-car crash blocking several lanes. turned on the metering lights early. so again consider using bart or the san mateo bridge. we can take a quick look at the san mateo bridge to see what conditions are like there. and it's actually not too bad. the drive time is only about 14 minutes or so between hayward and the peninsula. quick check now of our maps.
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we just mentioned this accident really quickly in emeryville. they just cleared the scene of this big rig accident westbound 80 by powell street, big delays to berkeley. we have breaking news. a violent kidnapping is in the north bay is under investigation right now. >> cbs 5 reporter anne makovec is in vallejo with the information she just got from police. >> reporter: they just handed me this press relief after we had been bugging them for more information on this crime that happened last night. this is hot off the press. right now, a 65-year-old woman was kidnapped at gunpoint at a shopping center last night at around 6:00. and that was on plaza drive in vallejo. the assailant was a 14-year-old according to police. police say he took her at gunpoint, got her into her minivan and forced her to drive for a couple of miles. and that is when they say he
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egregiously physically and sexually assaulted her, left her unconscious, duck taped in a ditch. in the meantime police say he placed a phone call to one of her family members asking for ransom. as that phone call was going on, passersby found the 65-year- old woman in the ditch, got her free and to t hospital. she is in the hospital expected to live. the 14-year-old was caught with some of her property he had stolen and with a replica handgun. he is now in juvenile hall. we'll have mo at 6:30 anne makovec, cbs 5. a birthday dinner led to the arrest of a man wanted for violent crimes in oakland. an off-duty oakland police officer was in a steakhouse on van ness avenue when he saw the suspected gang leader walk in. the officer called police and
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they worked with san francisco police to arrest the suspect, wanted in connection with crimes in the east bay. >> shot most of the people in oakland as of late. his wife was just a shooting victim in a retaliatory shooting shot eight times picking up her kids in oakland a couple of weeks ago. >> oakland police have been working with federal officials to find fleno. several other people were with him at the restaurant were also arrested without incident. 6:05. the company that makes twinkies and dingdongs and cupcakes says it's going out of business. hostess announced the decision in response to a strike. cbs 5 reporter cate caugiran is in san leandro with more. >> reporter: i spoke with a hostess rep over the phone who said they have already filed a motion with the u.s. bankruptcy court and have a hearing on monday morning. as soon as it's granted stores like this one in san leandro
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could close on tuesday. one of hostess' unions called for a nationwide strike. oakland bakery workers joined in. workers say the bakery wanted and almost 25% pay cut and they stopped paying their pension. hostess filed for bankruptcy for the second time earlier this year and told striking workers concessions needed to be made. the company gave workers a final deadline yesterday afternoon to get back to the job. workers refused and tom becker hostess spokesman says they had no choice. >> this is an extremely, extremely difficult decision to make on a lot of people who wanted this company to survive and a lot of people who sacrificed not once not twice but several times. and the company is very appreciative of that. we believe in hostess but it's not working out. there's a lot of sad people today. >> reporter: i did ask becker if it was a possibility another company could buy out hostess and continue the brand but he
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says they have already put in the effort and it is not likely. so back out here now at this hostess bakery you might want to stock up because again they won't be planning to continue production. they have actually stopped baking at all of hostess facilities. what this means for the employees though, that means 18,000 employees effectively are out of a job. live in san leandro, cate caugiran, cbs 5. a developing story. israel has offered to suspend its offensive in the gaza strip following a deadly day of rocket attacks. dozens of missiles exploded in gaza city early this morning. they targeted more than 100 sites that israel says hamas uses to fire rockets at israel. each side says the other is the oppressor. >> this israeli government is not a government of peace, it's a government of war. >> palestinian health officials say the recent attack has
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killed at least 19 people in gaza. israelis say three of their people have died. palestine will be free! >> and the angry conflict spilled into the streets of san francisco last night with dueling protests outside the israeli consulate. a small contingent came out in support of israel but a larger pro-palestinian group drowned them out condemning the ongoing attacks on gaza. former cia director petraeus is on capitol hill where he is testifying before a congressional committee about the september 11th attacks in libya. >> susan mcginnis joins from us washington to explain what's happening today. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, michelle and frank. yeah, david petraeus is on capitol hill right now the second of two hearings scheduled to be under way right now. so he has been called here to testify about benghazi, although some of the lawmakers here may be tempted to ask him about his extramarital affair. reporter: former cia director david petraeus is headed to capitol hill this morning to talk about the attack on the u.s. consulate in
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benghazi. congressional leaders say he has a unique insight into the attack. >> director petraeus went to tripoli and interviewed many of the people as i understand it that were involved. >> reporter: house and senate intelligence committee members spent thursday interviewing top military and intelligence officials. they were also shown a video taken from surveillance cameras from the consulate and from drones flying overhead. >> it does begin from when the incident --before the incident started and goes through the incident and the exodus. >> reporter: but as thorough as thursday's briefing was, members still have a lot of questions. >> we're going to continue to work to get those answers. >> reporter: and there's new information out of thursday's congressional hearings. lawmakers say the cia confirmed to them susan rice was told spontaneous protests over an anti-islam film sparked the attack. >> we do not have information at present -- >> reporter: rice was given the information as part of an
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unclassified briefing before she appeared on sunday morning talk shows five days after the attack. >> that unclassified version turned out to be inaccurate as we found out later. >> reporter: several republican senators are threatening to block rice from becoming the next secretary of state because of her assertions the attack didn't appear to be pre- planned. and it's probably unlikely that the revelations about susan rice's knowledge about events there will change. republicans vow to block her nomination. >> lawmakers may be tempted to ask petraeus about the extra marital affair. any new developments there. >> reporter: there is a cia exploratory investigation into his general behavior to find out if he used his position and som of the perks of his
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position like private jets to facilitate the affair and there's still an investigation about paula broadwell how she got classified information because both petraeus and broadwell said he didn't give it to her. >> thank you. time now 6:11. we have some breaking news. a five-car crash blocking lanes on the bay bridge. there's a live picture right there. elizabeth will have more on some major delays in the commute coming up. >> plus a deadly train crash at a parade for wounded war veterans. what witnesses are saying about the moment before the train slammed into a float. >> a tiny alarm. how a baby saved a family from a devastating fire when we come back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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breaking news on the upper deck of the bay bridge. mobile5 a slow ride along the "s" curve because of a five-car crash on the upper deck near treasure island. they had to turn on the metering lights a little early. there it goes. okay. so here's a live look at those delays. it is stacked up solidly all the way into the macarthur maze. fortunately within the last few minutes they just cleared those cars off the lanes off of the bay bridge but again it was involving five cars. so expect some major delays. this is going to take a while to recover. you may want to consider using bart or possibly the san mateo bridge this morning. our mobile5 camera earlier was stuck in the backup on the incline. it appears to be moving a little better now. to the maps, show you about an earlier problem on westbound 80 by powell street. this accident involving a big rig is now cleared from lanes. unfortunately, the damage here has also been done. you can see that 580 is jammed
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solidly into richmond. let's check the drive time right now. it is up to 35 minutes on westbound 80 from the carquinez bridge to the maze. so again the roads are slick. it's causing these problems on the roads so mass transit is a great option especially if you don't want to get stuck in the huge backup heading into san francisco on the upper deck of the bay bridge. bart systemwide on time. ace, muni, caltrain and ferries are also good to go. so lawrence is closely watching the storm system heading towards the bay area. let's check in on the latest forecast. >> things about to get wet around the bay area. storm clouds at the coastline and we are going to get bumped here quickly. you can see all the yellow and orange off the coast some of that beginning to make its way along the shore into the peninsula. you have pockets of moderate rainfall pushing over the bay. tiburon you're seeing good rainfall there into richmond now getting some showers, as well. this will be picking up throughout the morning hours. then we may get into a little break but then as we get into the evening, back to the rain
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and it could pound a bit. in fact we might see some thunderstorms toward the afternoon. so rain off and on today be prepared maybe some thunderstorms later on this evening. and then you will want to carry that umbrella all weekend long. things are going to stay unsettled. here's your storm system moving onshore right now. you can see one band moving in right now. that's going to get things going for the commute this morning. bad news. looks like for the commute into the evening, we have a stronger band that will move onshore. heavier downpours maybe even some thunderstorms and behind that, we have a stronger storm that will move in late saturday a colder storm so the snow levels will be coming way down. so if you are traveling to the sierra nevada bring chains. let's time it out. today showers continuing on and off. into the evening here's the next band that i was talking about. you can see some heavier downpours and that will push through tonight. scattered showers into saturday not a rainout but you want to keep that umbrella and then a stronger system moves in on saturday night into sunday morning. mix of sun and clouds and some
6:18 am
wandering showers on sunday. so not a washout for the weekend. but we'll see some occasional rain. most of that comes in the nighttime hours. temperatures are going to stay fairly mild with this storm system. rainfall totals though impressive. over 1.5" into the santa cruz mountains over an inch in the santa rosa area and then toward the next storm system, maybe over 2." so a good soaker for the bay area and we are not done. more on the way after that. temperatures mainly in the 60s for today. next few days a little stormy so a wet weekend for the bay area. then it looks like come monday the rain line shifts further north still a chance of a few showers to the north bay, maybe some more showers on wednesday. of course, if you would like to check out our high-def doppler radar, you can go to and see the rainfall returns right in your neighborhood. back to you. >> thank you. federal transportation experts are on the way to west texas, where a freight train struck a parade float that was carrying wounded military veterans. four people were killed. the accident happened yesterday as the wounded warriors were
6:19 am
taking part in a parade through midland. a witness says the float got stuck on the tracks. >> i saw the truck crossing the tracks about halfway across the gate started coming down. the truck tried to blow his horn to get the other people in front of him out of the way. the gates actually hit the first people on the trailer. >> 17 other people were injured. a preliminary investigation shows the crossing gate and the lights were working at the time. 6:19. a woman is detained in phoenix after police say she crashed her car through a gate and then drove up on a runway at sky harbor international airport. the whom a child in the car at the time. neither was -- the woman had a child in the car at the time. neither was injured. the woman may have been impaired. the incident brought airport operations to a halt for about 15 minutes last night. president obama and congressional leaders are ready to meet today to talk about how to avoid the so-called "fiscal cliff." the series of tax increases and
6:20 am
spending cuts that would kick in january 1 if the house and senate can't come up with a budget agreement. the main issue dividing democrats and republicans is whether the wealthiest americans should pay a bigger share of taxes. family in fresno says their infant's cry alerted them to a fire in the home. >> a two alarm fire ripping through a house early yesterday. eight people living inside all able to get out safely. the cries of an infant woke up 22-year-old christina stewart, who then noticed popping sound and her boyfriend went to check it. >> i go into the other room and i rush in real quick. i just catch a faceful of black chemical smoke. everything in that room was just burning. >> the boyfriend yelled, woke up the other five people sleeping in the home. investigators say fire likely started with the electrical wiring in the walls. so all that crying sometimes can be a good thing. >> no kidding especially if they don't have fire alarms.
6:21 am
>> or at least not at the time. you could add it to his two world series rings. the latest honor to giants catcher buster posey. >> plus do cats always land on their feet the insurance ad campaign is drawing backlash. >> and we continue to follow this up, a five-car crash on the bay bridge. they have cleared the lanes. but it's still causing as you can see a big backup for commuters. more in traffic when we come back.
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at bank of america, we're continuing to lend and invest in the people, businesses, and organizations that call the bay area home. whether it's helping a nonprofit provide safe, affordable housing within the city, supporting an organization that's helping kids find jobs and stay in school, or financing the expansion of a local company that's creating healthier workplaces,
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what's important to the people of the bay area is important to us. and we're proud to work with all those
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and what a mess. we have gone ahead and launched chopper 5 for an earlier five- car crash. you're looking live at the upper deck of the bay bridge near treasure island. fortunately lanes are open. but unfortunately, the backups are big extending well into the macarthur maze. coming up we'll talk more about alternates, plus some other developing hot spots. >> and we have seen some
6:25 am
showers but we are about to get slammed with a major rain. it is coming onshore. we'll talk about that coming up. >> all right. well, another award for buster posey. >> this guy's really something. the giants national league most valuable player. there he is right there. he won the mvp award the first catcher to win it since johnny bench with the reds in 1972. posey was the national league battle champ this year, as well. also the comeback player of the year following that ankle injury from last year. he is really something. of course, he has two world series rings as well in his three years with the giants. play of the day we have college hoops, umass, bc. we are tied at 75. 4 seconds left chaz williams misses the game winner but the put back with vincent at the buzzer, ballgame. umass beat providence 77-75 the play of the day, tournament in puerto rico down in the caribbean. what happens when you turn
6:26 am
to your customers for advertising ideas? you get skydiving cats. they are now a big sensation on youtube. ♪ i believe i can fly the perfect tune there, too. more than 300,000 people have watched this youtube video. it's by a swedish company trying to sell pet insurance of all things. now, a customer suggested the idea of a cat jumping out of planes is not such a great idea and people complained. but the cats were fine, all done with a green screen. that song is going to be stuck in my head all morning. 6:26. coming up is it twilight for twinkies? hostess is going out of business. >> plus, on the brink of war. violence erupts in the middle east even as israel promises a truce. >> we continue to follow our breaking news here. this is chopper 5 pictures. the backup on the bay bridge,
6:27 am
as you can see, it is just a mess out there. a five-car pile-up has been cleaned up near treasure island heading into the city but it's going to take a while to get into work. we'll have the latest with elizabeth when we come back. ,,,,,
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the guy said boom! >> cease-fire broken. the middle east on the brink of war. >> israel is prepared to take whatever action is necessary to defend our people. >> as conflict spills on the streets of the bay area. >> palestine will be free! >> if you want an honest investigation of this tragedy, we will join you. >> former cia director david petraeus heads to capitol hill.
6:31 am
what did he know about the attacks in benghazi? >> we're going to continue to work to get those answers. >> a notorious violent criminal taken down at a bay area steakhouse. >> this guy had no idea what kind of price he would be paying when he came here for dinner. >> the giant behind 2009 kiss and wonder bread gave striking -- the giant behind twinkies and wonder bread gave striking workers an ultimatum. >> this is going to work its way through the bay area. >> eight to ten seconds later the train blew through the end of the trailer. >> the stories that matter on "eyewitness news this morning." ♪ i believe i can fly >> good morning, it's friday, november 16. i'm michelle griego. >> hi, everybody. i'm frank mallicoat. time now is nearly 6:32. we begin this hour with some breaking news on the bay bridge. a multicar accident is creating a massive backup on the westbound lanes. let's get right to elizabeth in the traffic center. >> thank you. if you work in san francisco
6:32 am
you may want to consider an alternate to the bay bridge this morning. the five-car crash is cleared. this is a view liv from chopper 5. the damage is done stacked up into the macarthur maze. they had to turn on the metering lights about a half hour earlier than typical. so even when we have a minor stall on the upper deck, it causes big backups. you can imagine what a five-car crash would do. the roads are slick. drives are taking it extra easy in addition to that. so you can see all the approaches to the bay bridge are backed up including down the eastshore freeway where we actually had an earlier traffic alert in emeryville approaching powell street. so again, let's talk about alternates. bart might be your best option. the san mateo bridge looks okay right now on the right side of your screen, that's the commute direction. so westbound 92 still holding steady at about a 15-minute drive time between hayward and foster city. a quick look at westbound 580. i just want to mention quickly
6:33 am
we have an accident approaching the dublin interchange, as well. westbound 580 is a slow crawl right now out of livermore. that's a check of your "timesaver traffic." for more on your forecast, let's go over to lawrence. >> not good news for commuters. we have rainfall that's about to slam the bay area. the showers are already beginning to show up outside but the main brunt of that still off the coastline just in time for the morning commute. check this out. high-def doppler radar showing you all the yellows and oranges off the coastline. that's going to be pushing onshore very shortly. already beginning to see some pockets of moderate amounts of rainfall sliding in along 580 along the 880 right now and looks look more of that is expected throughout the morning. it is going to come onshore. the bad news is, we see this band come on early-morning. then we catch a slight break. and then a stronger band comes onshore wouldn't you know it for the commute on the ride home, so a tough day for commuters. cloudy skies, mild temperatures in the 40s and 50s. i think toward the afternoon, these numbers are going to stay down, of course, with the
6:34 am
clouds and some occasional rain showers but again, picking up in the evening hours. we are look at heavier rainfall this evening maybe even some thunderstorms rolling back in toward the bay area, guys. we'll have more on that coming up. >> all right. thank you. some new details this morning about a developing story in the north bay. cbs 5 reporter anne makovec is in vallejo where police told her about what they called a horrific attack and with more, here's anne. >> reporter: i just spoke with an officer here a few minutes ago. he said this attack was an egregious crime committed by a 14-year-old now in juvenile hall. the 65-year-old woman he is accused of assaulting is in the hospital recovering. now, police say this 14-year- old kidnapped the 65-year-old woman at gunpoint. here's a map of that area, in front of a business on plaza drive in vallejo at 6:00 last night. police say the 14-year-old then forced her to drive a few miles
6:35 am
in her minivan and that's where he took part in an egregious physical and sexual assault leaving her unconscious in the ditch duct taped and that was at hidden brook parkway on highway 80. you can see that area on the map. the 14-year-old then took off in her van according to police and then later called one of her family members asking for ransom money. police found him in the area soon after. they say he had a replica gun and some of the woman's things that he had stolen. he was taken to juvenile hall. again, the woman is in the hospital. she was found unconscious. she is in stable condition. now, we're going to hear a lot more from police about this later on this morning and we'll have that for you on cbs 5 at noon. live in vallejo, anne makovec, cbs 5. >> thank you. at the right place at the right time, a police officer nabs a suspected oakland gang leader. the place is a steakhouse on van ness avenue in san francisco. that's where the off-duty oakland officer recognized the
6:36 am
suspect when he walked in the door. >> an alert officer who was off duty tonight at ruth's chris restaurant having dinner with his wife for her birthday saw the suspect and his entourage enter the restaurant. he notified the oakland police department. we got a hold of our brother officers at the san francisco police department and put together a tactical plan to arrest him when he came out of the restaurant. >> he and the people with him were arrested without incidentful he is -- incidentful he is figuring charges on burglary and other charges. 18,000 workers will be laid off as the company that makes wonder bread and twinkies is closing. they announced the decision this morning, in response to a strike. cbs 5 reporter cate caugiran in san leandro with more on that. cate, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. when i spoke to the hostess representative, they said they already filed a motion with the u.s. bankruptcy court and they have a hearing scheduled for monday. once that happens, you see
6:37 am
stores like these here in san leandro, this foreclosed sign could be here for a long time. this happened because of a union calling for a nationwide strike. an oakland bakery workers joined in. the bakery wanted a 25% pay cut and stopped paying the pension. hostess had filed for bankruptcy for the second time earlier this year. they told striking workers that concessions needed to be made. the company gave workers the final deadline yesterday afternoon to get back to work. but they refused. tom becker hostess spokesman says the company had no choice. >> this is an extremely, extremely difficult decision to make. there are a lot of people who wanted this company to survive and a lot of people who sacrificed not once, not twice, but several times. and the company is very appreciative of that. we believe in hostess. we believe hostess had a bright future. but unfortunately it's not
6:38 am
working out that way. and there's a lot of sad people today. >> reporter: now, hostess hopefuls don't hold your breath. i asked becker if it was a possibility another company could buy out the iconic bakery and continue the brand but he says they have already put in that effort and it is not likely. as you said earlier, 18,000 employees are now out of jobs and we understand that all baking at hostess facilities have now ceased. we are live in san francisco, cate caugiran, cbs 5. a palestinian rocket has targeted tel aviv, israel, on the third day of an israeli military operation against the gaza strip. [ sirens ] >> sirens began wailing across the city shortly before the explosion. a police spokesman says no injuries have been reported. and it appears the rocket landed in the mediterranean. the attack, which is israel considers a major escalation, could draw israel a step closer to a ground invasion of gaza.
6:39 am
each side says the other is the oppressor. >> we don't want war. but the arab people all the time shoot on israel. >> palestinian health officials say the recent attacks have killed at least 19 people in gaza. israeli officials say three israelis have died. a former cia director david petraeus is on capitol hill right now fielding questions from lawmakers about the september attacks on the consulate in libya last month. he is testifying behind closed doors before both the house and the senate intelligence committees. some republicans say the white house deliberately misled the public on what led to that violence. >> we're going to continue to work to get those answers. >> meanwhile, lawmakers say the sky confirmed to them that susan rice the u.s. ambassador to the united nations was told that protests over an anti- islam video sparked the attacks. 6:40. in the spotlight once again.
6:40 am
sheriff ross mirkarimi joins us onset to discuss his latest disagreement with mayor ed lee. >> plus, forget the angry dog. the unusual neighborhood pet that literally drove this paperboy up a tree. >> and the market opened just 10 minutes ago. take a quick peek at the early numbers here on this friday. right now not looking great. but we have plenty of time of. we'll crunch the numbers with kcbs moneywatch reporter jason brooks when we come back. ,,
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twinkies, you might want toh out and buy a lifetime supp- if you work in san francisco, this is going to be one of those mornings you want to avoid the bay bridge. we have a huge backup this morning. and it's really impacting the entire east bay commute. the problem was an earlier five- car crash on the upper deck right before the "s" curve on the approach to treasure island. it was a five-car fender-
6:44 am
bender. we haven't heard about any major injuries. they cleared it quickly. it caused huge backups. they had to cycle through the metering lights slowly turning them on a half hour early so huge delays, a tight squeeze obviously before the pay gates and up the incline but all the approaches to the bay bridge are really backed up as well including come down the eastshore freeway. that's one of our worst hot spots right now. it was actually an earlier traffic alert approaching powell street so that didn't help. you're looking at about 10 miles per hour right now on westbound 80 from san pablo dam road all the way down through the macarthur maze. and, of course, it doesn't ease up approaching the bay bridge. so 880 is really jammed up. 580. so this is going to be one of those mornings you're going to want to consider bart. the san mateo bridge actually doesn't look too bad right now. it's starting to get slow coming down 880 on the approach. but bridge traffic itself doesn't look too bad only about a 15-minute ride between hayward and foster city. so we have a lot of slick roads out there. you can see it right now across the golden gate bridge. this is a live look from marin
6:45 am
county into san francisco. it actually doesn't look too bad so far this morning. so what is going on with the weather? here's lawrence to check. he is forecasting a storm heading our way. >> already a difficult commute this morning and it's going to get worse. the rain about ready to slam ashore now as the storm clouds have been gathering overnight. and we're already starting to see showers picking up. look at the yellow and orange off the coast. you couldn't time it worse as it's about to move onshore right for the commute just one minutes away now from montera, south san francisco, this will be picking up. moderate to heavy rainfall so the roads will be treacherous this morning. be careful if you are headed out the door. throughout the day today we'll see off-and-on showers. but by the afternoon, another band of moisture is going to move on shore. i think a heavier band. so some storms this afternoon maybe even embedded thunderstorms. carry the umbrella. you will need it not only today but all weekend long, the weather will stay unsettled. the storm door is now wide open. the jet stream well to the south now. the first band moving onshore right now. you have another one right
6:46 am
behind it. that's going to be pushing on to get things wet again and then behind that we have a stronger storm system expected to move in looks like saturday night into sunday. throughout the day we are going to see those on-again, off- again showers, heavier toward the evening. then scattered showers on parts of saturday but not a rainout. and then that stronger system moves in as we head in towards saturday night and sunday. and then it moves on by. so most of the heavier amounts of rainfall will come overnight throughout the weekend. so not a washout for your weekend. rain totals probably over an inch in some spots maybe 1.5" into the santa cruz mountains. so a pretty good soaking around the bay area. you get the idea this is a series of storms and we need it here. temperatures in the 60s. next couple of days unsettled and wet. rain line shifts north as we head into the beginning of the next week, guys. and, of course, don't forget to go to for the latest on all your weather. back to you guys. >> thank you. if you love twinkies you might want to rush out and buy
6:47 am
a lifetime supply quickly. better freeze them you. here to talk about that and more jason brooks with kcbs and can't believe hostess is going belly up. >> reporter: good morning, frank and michelle. this could be the end of the line for twinkies, dingdongs, wonder bread hostess following up on threats that it would close if striking workers didn't go back to work by last night. that means over 18,000 workers out of a job unless other food companies step up and buy brands like hostess and dingdong and twinkies. they will die like many others have. apple stock has been under a dive over the past two months. it's market cap now under $500 billion for the first time since may. its stock fell $180 since topping 700 bucks in late september. a lot of concerns over iphone 5 supplies and also concerns over the pricing for the ipad mini. despite the big drop in market cap, apple still more than $100 billion more valuable than
6:48 am
second place exxonmobil. stock market has been under a lot of pressure of late. talks under way today between the president and congressional leaders over the looming "fiscal cliff." and we are going to need to see some progress before investors start to feel better. wall street down again today right now down 20 on the dow. nasdaq down 7. s&p down 2. >> thank you, jason brooks with kcbs and take care of that cold and have a good weekend. the sheriff of san francisco is back on the job now responding to questions to give up oversight on certain programs. >> cbs 5 political insider phil matier with san francisco sheriff ross mirkarimi. good morning, gentlemen. >> good morning. and right on the front page of the "san francisco chronicle," you are front and center again. you're in the limelight all the time. >> let's do something about that. >> you seem it have a knack. i'm not going to deny that. well, the sheriff -- i mean, the mayor and the district attorney and even the public defender said, look, as long as you're on probation for this domestic violence charge, you shouldn't be overseeing any of
6:49 am
those projects. your response? >> well, they keep moving the goalpost. i have two letters that i have sent to the mayor and made statements to the media is that i have recused myself upon being reinstated to the office immediately and i have no influence, no authority, on any programs related to domestic violence. >> so who is handling them? >> my undersheriff. >> if you aren't the boss of the undersheriff, doesn't that make you still in charge? >> it's a paramilitary institution. chain of command allows us to wall ourselves off and i think that's the great misunderstanding about how law enforcement institution like us works. and keep in mind, i don't believe any of them ever talked to my predecessor mike hennessey but if they did he would tell them that rarely has anything ever come to the desk of the sheriff, maybe once or twice in a year. >> it's interesting though what we're seeing here is the big question of course is whether or not they are going to try to mound a recall against you. >> right. >> if this is the first
6:50 am
beginning of that. how do you feel about that? you have already had your court case, board of supervisors hearing, got reinstated and now they're talk recall. >> i think they keep the pressure on but i have to keep my nose to the grindstone and that's what i have done in being reinstated sheriff. the transition is smooth within the sheriff's department. i am back in the jails, talking with inmates and with our staff. we are moving forward with the business of smart incarceration, making sure staff is protected, inmates are being well taken care of and that rehabilitation programs on the inside and on the outside of the jail system are running well and effectively. >> so you're running it like business as usual. but it's not. when you step out of your office, like i said, we got people circulating recall petitions, the mayor talking about stripping you of programs, transferring them to other areas. >> i think this is a bit of a red herring. and i don't quite believe that that article is correct because my letters to the mayor have been very clear that the fact is, i recused myself.
6:51 am
they have not offered anything specifically other than posing the question, will i detach myself? and i have since i have rejoined the office. so like i said, you know, this is almost like lucy with the football in charlie brown trying to kick and then she lifts the ball. >> and sheriff, i'm curious, how difficult is it to do your job when you have the district attorney, the top cop, and you have the mayor with his constant tug of war back and forth and how has it been since you have been reinstated? >> well, it's actually been running well. i think that that's a testament to the professionalism of the men and women who work in fact sheriff's department. it's a department of over 1,000 people. >> for you as a guy, walking around and trying to get your job done, frank's bringing up the point. you have the other law enforcement people that are basically kind of isolating you? >> i guess i have learned to do my job amid some very difficult and challenging circumstances and the work is getting done. >> on the personal side what's it like these days when you walk in a coffee shop? for months you were at the center of every tv, being
6:52 am
chased by reporters and stuff. you're infamous. >> it's a strange kind of popularity but people everywhere still come up to me and just, you know, hi five and congratulate me or really emphathize with me. the remarks from all sectors of san francisco have been very, very positive and very supportive. >> what do you think of a recall? >> i can't really worry about it. like last week when the idea of a recall was coming about, you know, i was talking to incarcerated vets. and you know, i have to -- >> are you going to fight it if there's a recall? >> i'm sure i will. >> do you think it's political? [ laughter ] >> on the record or off the record? [ laughter ] >> i think that's all we have time for now, sheriff. let's get back to you guys at the anchor desk. thank you. coming up a final check of your top stories. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
6:53 am
6:54 am
6:55 am
6:56 am
wonder bread is going out of business. hostess says a nationwide se crip welcome back. the company that makes twinkies and wonder bread is going out of business. hostess says a nationwide strike crippled its ability to make and deliver its products. a liquidation of the company will cost 18,000 workers their jobs. a 14-year-old is charged with a violent kidnapping and assault in vallejo and the 65- year-old victim was taken at gunpoint from a shopping area on plaza drive last night. she was assaulted, bound and left unconscious in a ditch near interstate 80. police say the suspect tried to get ransom money from the victim's family. he was arrested after he returned to that area. former cia director david petraeus is on capitol hill as we speak. he is fielding questions from the house and senate intelligence committees about the attack on the u.s. consulate in libya. general petreaus was taken off the witness list after a bankruptly resigned, but he was
6:57 am
rescheduled to testify at the insistence of lawmakers. 6:57. the big story this weekend is the rain. and it is here. >> yeah. the storm door is open and the rain just about to pound outside. check out your high-def doppler radar. look at all the yellows and oranges. that is coming onshore just in time for the commute. neat shot for you this morning though. mount vaca cam you see just a glimmer of the sun trying to come you. not going to see a whole lot of that today. it's going to stay cloudy and wet. it's going to be very stormy especially into the evening hours. the possibility of some thunderstorms more wet weather over the weekend. >> look at that. so we're forecasting some pretty busy commutes as well including already this morning. we have major delays already if you are heading towards the bay bridge. if you are just waking up and haven't heard there was an earlier five-car crash on the upper deck before treasure island. it is long since cleared. it happened about an hour and a half ago but unfortunately, major delays this morning, bay bridge toll plaza and all the approaches, as well. >> are you a big harry potter fan? >> no. >> what's one that?
6:58 am
>> for those harry potter fans, a real-life baltimore chased a utah paperboy up a tree. it's this big black goat. his owners say he is a really good lawnmower but this week he got off his chain and ran away. apparently a 14-year-old boy on his morning paper route, baltimore headbutted him off his bike. his friends won't let him forget. >> they are hey, goat boy. >> they are like why are you scared of goats? that was a freaky goat. i think it's possessed or something. >> they got the goat and everyone is okay. >> weird eyes. a great time of year to ice skate even in the rain. san jose downtown ice sits
6:59 am
among the circle of palms at fairmont plaza. downtown ice opens at 5:00 this afternoon and set to run through january 13th and get this olympic skating legend kristi yamaguchi will be there for the official opening ceremony next friday. >> well, another ice rink has already opened for this season at san francisco's embarcadero. >> wish i was going to be there. >> you should be. this one is scheduled to run through january 6 at justin herman plaza. and frank and i -- >> you guys are going to be there! >> we are going to brave the rain later today and we are going to show -- >> i'm so jealous. >> we are going to see one which of us holds on to the railing the most. i can skate a little. >> holding an umbrella, too. >> that's all right. >> you guys are wimps. >> unlike the weatherman, we can handle it. have a great weekend. captions by: caption colorado

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